The Herder Dog

The Dog Collie

God made pets as stress relievers. They come in any form like having a chicken farm, an aquarium, a stable for horses or it is man’s best friend the dog. Pets can take away the tiredness from the body within seconds, and it is something that no medicine in the world can do. One has to feel it to experience it or vice versa. People also go for strange pets like the turtle, white mouse, dolphins, rabbits, parrots or even the weirder ones like the alligator and the tiger. It all depends on the person’s choice, but till date, it is the dog that reigns supreme as far as pets are concerned. There are many species of dogs but today let us take up the dog collie.

e778467b1251f401c68e944dac19b049Dog Collie: This dog is a breed of Scotland, mostly found in the Highlands. However now it is found in the Lowlands and even North London. This breed of dogs was better known as the herding dog because they were loyal, sensitive, and intelligent and had the weird habit of understanding the master’s need in advance. Even though it is a herding dog, it is also a great family dog.german-shepherd-wallpapers-hd

Characteristic of the Collie Dog: the Collie is a strong, active and responsive dog, standing straight and firm and carries no extra fat on its flexible body. It has a full chest that show its strength and sloping shoulders that shows its speed and grace while running. It is an awesome dog with perfect balance. In fact, one can say that no part of the Collie Dog is out of proportion. The head surprisingly is not as big as compared to the body. The head has a smooth and clean outline, and on the sides, it tapers gradually. The neck is firm, muscular and sinewy and heavily frilled. The body is firm, hard and muscular though it is slightly longer than its height. It has great hips and thighs and loins. Its legs have a fair amount of bone considering the size of the body. The hind legs are less fleshy and muscular at the thighs. In the standing position the Collie dog has both its fore and hind legs placed well apart

Nutrition and feeding:  Collie dogs generally weigh about sixty pounds, but the amount of food they consume depends on their age, size and activity level. Food for the collie dog should be highly digestible and especially meat- based protein. They are carnivores and do not need carbohydrates or grains. Fresh clean water is needed by them throughout the day.

Grooming: A well groomed Collie dog is breathtaking. Simple grooming includes brushing and frequent bathing. The other routines are nail filing, teeth and ear cleaning and hair trimming. When giving them a bath only use a dog shampoo as human shampoo can cause dry and flaky skin and also irritation. It is necessary to rinse the dog until the water comes out clean. It is very crucial to towel and blow dry the dog.


A fine wine tours of the country

Wine is of great cultural significance. It has a history of many centuries together. Wine is an integral part of our culture today. It has many implications for people who are associated with. From creating jobs to delight consumers, the wine of great importance in the lives of many. The wine has risen to a level where it is considered much higher than a beverage that people just get drunk or have their evening supper, for that matter. There is so much more than one drink for those who really appreciate wine, and also appeals to their preferences.
Of course, not all have the same preferences when it comes to wine like no one has the same preferences when it comes to food. However, almost every wine connoisseur willing to try as many varieties of wine as possible. This lucrative taste of wine that it creates among his fans is something unique to every wine lover shares. With a can be exciting and also can be so much fun. You can have a great time tasting various wines that are rare and exotic and even find out the different vilification processes.
There are many things that go into a wine-making. How to make wine will directly affect its flavor. Some family farms have their own secrets of wine making so that their brand of wine has a distinctive taste and aroma. This is what makes their wines are different from others on the market. On one, you’d get a taste of all this and more. There are many wineries in the country with different families to control them. Each of them has its own specific processes for wine making. These families have secrets that are sent in the form of tradition for ages together. As such wine will give you that much more exciting to go on trip.
The wine country tours can consist of a number of things. This can also spans two days. This depends on the type of tour you take, and details of the tour takes you into. All details of the tour would be specified to win the Tour Package. Wine tasting should be an integral part of the tour no matter what kind of package you choose.
Therefore you can be sure that you will taste different wines together. You should make sure you pace yourself and not get too full or you will not also enjoy the taste of different wines. Of course this is just one piece of advice to someone who takes such a turn for the first time. If you are a connoisseur, you know exactly how much wine to do with. There are various aspects that make this trip fun. The wine, scenery and all the interesting food that you eat along the way just to make this trip so much better.